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Head Trophies

  1. Honour
  2. Honour
  3. Scar
The head trophy series consist of portrait busts of women in Hijab who have faded and ghost-like features, and is a commentary on women’s domestic life in Iran. Women Head trophies, reference deer head trophies. Thinking about how people go hunting and kill a deer, and decorate and mount the head on the wall of their houses, These head trophies of women reference the violation of women’s rights in Iran’s patriarchal society. In rules of Islam, women are required to obey their husbands and ask for the husband’s permission to do simple things, like leaving the house. In Iran, women don’t have the right to a divorce without their husband’s agreement. Women don’t get custody of their children. The father or paternal family, gets the custody of a child after a divorce, or death of the father. These laws and many others support domestic abuse, and make it more difficult for women to get out of abusive homes.